Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Chicago for IRA

Just a quick post to update on a couple of items.

I have been in Chicago all week attending the International Reading Association's 2010 Convention. In addition to holding a seminar on spelling on Tuesday, I have met with several of my publishers and contacts to explore new projects and plan for the coming year.

While in Chicago, I received the final cover for my new book, Raising Confident Readers from my publisher, Da Capo Press.

 I like it. It shows a young dad reading with his son. I think it is important to recognize the fact that most children, if they are read to by a parent, are read to more often by their mother. So to have a picture of a man reading to his child is powerful and hopefully inspiring to a lot of dads out there.

Remember, the book is available July, 2010 but can be pre-ordered through   Pre-Order Raising Confident Children

Also while in Chicago, my publisher Zaner-Bloser launched the new Spelling Connections textbooks. I am very excited about the series and proud of the work ZB has done on it to make it the most professional, technologically advanced, and effective spelling textbook on the market. The buzz at IRA is that many school districts are already very interested in purchasing the textbooks, which is great news in these challenging times for schools all over the country.

I firmly believe it is essential to put spelling back at the center of early childhood education. The research shows spelling is crucial to the process of learning to read and write. In states like California, where spelling was de-emphasized, reading abilities have suffered. So I am delighted that with Spelling Connections schools will have the tools available to enhance their students future academic and vocational success.

I have enjoyed my trip to Chicago. Having lived here from 1995 until 2003, I always love coming back to My Kind of Town. But, I do not miss the cold weather and Fort Lauderdale is calling me home. Although I did not get to see my beloved Cubs play, I did get to visit some great restaurants and see some of my old homes.

Chicago I will be reading about you and returning soon.

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