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The following titles represent the latest works by best-selling author, J. Richard Gentry. A former elementary teacher and university professor, Gentry has lectured and conducted workshops on literacy and spelling throughout the world.

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A new book by J. Richard Gentry from Da Capo Lifelong:

Raising Confident Readers
How to teach your child to Read and Write, from Baby to Age 7

"We all know the importance of reading aloud to our children, but beyond that, how do kids really learn to read? Why should you jump-start the process before formal instruction in school begins? How do drawing and early writing fit into the literacy picture, and what can you do to encourage them? How can you recognize and intervene if your child's literacy skills are not developing normally?

In this empowering guide, Dr. J. Richard Gentry describes how to teach reading before your child enters kindergarten and how to monitor progress once your child is in school. He offers parents an easy-to-understand program outlining the five phases of kids' literacy development, with age- and stage-appropriate activities that make reading and writing fun. Raising Confident Readers is essential reading for every parent who wants their child to succeed in school and be a lifelong learner."

Paperback, 256 pages, ISBN: 0738213977, Available July 2010


Advance Praise for Raising Confident Readers

“I highly recommend Dr. Gentry’s Raising Confident Readers to any parent who wants success for their child—not just in reading, but in life.

David W. Johnson, MD, Fellow of the American Board of Pediatrics

“Raising Confident Readers is a wonderful gift and resource for parents and teachers alike! Dr. Gentry has combined best research practices with a wealth of experiences in the field to provide clear answers to common questions about developing readers. This book will stretch understandings about phonics, words, spelling, reading levels, comprehension, and much more. My favorite insight in the book: ‘Create a joyful, literate environment at home, and respond to your child’s natural curiosity and questions.’ So true!”

Dr. Connie R. Hebert, National Literacy Consultant and author of Catch a Falling Writer

"This important book will have profound impact on how parents of young children view their role as their child’s first and most important teachers. Now parents can gain access to the tools and habits of thought that classroom teachers routinely use to develop lifelong, life-wide, confident readers. Dr. Gentry’s easy to read, practical guidance is offered as a bridge between experts in the field of reading instruction, brain science and parents trying to do the best they can to raise children who can and love to read and write. Imagine what could happen if this were required reading for all new parents and people who have children in their lives! Parents who read this book will become confident in their role of raising confident readers."

—Antoinette Fornshell, author of Planning for Successful Reading and Writing Instruction in K-2

“This is a carefully crafted book that is both comprehensive and practical. Raising Confident Readers is a must-read for every new parent. Dr. Gentry clearly describes the stages of literary development in children and explains how parents can informally instruct their children.”

Dr. Paula Egelson, Director of the Center for Partnerships to Improve Education at the College of Charleston, South Carolina

“This book will be useful to any parent who wonders what their young child is experiencing in learning to read. And what better way to love a child than to help him or her become a reader.”

Timothy Shanahan, Professor of Urban Education, University of Illinois, Chicago

“It is encouraging to find a literacy resource for parents that is less concerned about ‘racing up the levels’ and focuses more on enjoying the journey! Dr. Gentry’s Raising Confident Readers offers parents and teachers a common language, free from educational jargon, to continue to the conversation (and the exciting journey) once formal instruction begins!”

Suzy Quiles, Reading Specialist and Language Arts Supervisor

“Richard Gentry understands just what young children need to learn to read. He has provided an outstanding guide for parents to help their children get a jump-start on early literacy experiences. Filled with practical advice and effective and engaging activities, this dynamic book provides the tools for parents to help their children prepare for success with reading.”

Lori Kamola, MSEd, Reading Specialist

“Brilliantly written . . . this book should be required reading for every Pre-K through 2nd grade teacher, caregiver, and early childhood interventionist.”

Jan McNeel, Independent Educational Consultant

“This fascinating landmark book transforms what we understand about the young child’s journey into reading and writing, while providing parents with an easy-to-follow map to the “express pathway” to literacy.

It is a must-read for all who want to understand the child's organized, purposeful explorations of written language—and learn what they can do to help guide.”

Lois Bridges, Ph.D.